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    The Lawyers Behind Levine-Piro Law
    Levine-Piro Law is a boutique law firm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that handles family law. We have deep local roots, coupled with strong local connections. When dealing with a family law case, you want confidence that your legal team understands your circumstances.

    Four of our attorneys, Melissa Levine-Piro, Christine Boutin, Amanda Castro, and Katie (Kathleen) Murphy, have been named top attorneys by Boston Magazine in 2021. With fewer than 2,000 lawyers making this list, prospective clients can feel confident about their choice. The selection criteria help provide confidence in our firm's quality.

    Local attorneys in the Cape Cod area make all the difference with three counties and fifteen towns. Our firm's local connections help make cases go more smoothly, regardless of the complexity. We know the Cape well and understand many of the unique circumstances that our clients may face.

    Why Should You Pick Us
    Our attorneys have an eye for detail along with the experience needed to handle your case the right way. When your lawyer focuses on divorce and other areas of family law, you know that your case will get the proper care. You don't want to leave child support or custody cases to chance, and you won't have to if you entrust your case to our team.

    Protecting your interests and those closest to you are among our top priorities. Our solutions to your case are created with your needs and the best possible outcome in mind. Even when your legal concerns are complex, we are willing to fight hard for you.

    How Our Legal Team Helps You
    We take great pride in working with you from start to finish. Our goal is to create an effective solution to your legal issue. When we agree to represent you, one of the things that you can feel confident about is our willingness to work on a solution that works for your case.

    A free 15-minute consultation with our team will help you as you make this most crucial decision. Hiring a lawyer is not a decision to make lightly. However, our consultation will help provide a clearer picture of what to expect.

    Family and Divorce Law in Cape Cod Massachusetts Family Law
    Our law firm deals with all areas of family law, which are often complicated and stressful. Divorce and its related effects often involve the care of children, as well as the well-being of both parties. Because family law cases are often complex, an attorney can make all the difference.

    Massachusetts couples may pursue either a no-fault or fault divorce. No-fault divorces allow for joint petitions, while fault divorces require proof of abandonment, adultery, or domestic violence. Regardless of the circumstances, retaining an attorney is an intelligent decision.

    Massachusetts law recognizes legal custody, which involves medical, schooling, and religious upbringing decisions, when applicable, as well as physical custody, which determines which parent the child lives with. In many cases, both parents share legal and physical custody. Hiring an attorney helps ensure that a child's best interests are represented.

    Child Support
    Although state guidelines determine child support, support can be modified as needed. An attorney can help make sure the child's interests are represented with the arrangement. Legal advice is also helpful if a parent is not receiving the support owed to their child.

    Paternity cases can have wide-reaching effects on child custody, child support, and probate cases. Resolving such issues as quickly as possible is usually in the best interests of all involved. Involving a lawyer in these cases may provide a better resolution.

    Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
    Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements make it easier for parties in a marriage to protect their interests in the event of a divorce. These agreements also make it easier to address assets that the parties own separately. Having an attorney prepare these agreements helps ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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