Litigation and Crisis Communication

At Levine-Piro Law, we create and implement crisis and litigation communication strategies that reinforce legal objectives & mitigate reputational impact.

Increasingly, legal battles are fought — and won — in the court of public opinion, long before lawyers see the inside of a courtroom. Without a coherent communication strategy designed to complement the legal narrative, even a positive legal outcome can damage the reputation of a company, product or individual.

Our litigation communication attorneys are expertly positioned to address the concerns of in-house and outside counsel, and develop communications programs tailored to engage and enhance an organization’s legal strategy.

Our litigation communication team has a wealth of media, legal and public affairs experience. We provide counsel to clients across a variety of sectors, and have helped our clients with a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Licensing Issues
  • Contract disputes
  • White collar criminal actions
  • Government enforcement actions
  • Civil Rights Violations

Heightened public awareness and media scrutiny of legal cases make it more important than ever to take a proactive approach to managing risk and preserving reputation. It’s about communicating the right message to the right audiences to shape perception.

Practice members are frequently retained by in-house or outside legal teams. Don’t gamble with retaining a PR firm in jurisdictions where PR services are not covered by privilege. Our strategic litigation communications expertise will be on point and always covered under attorney-client privilege.

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How Levine-Piro Law Can Help You:

Crisis Communications

During and after a crisis, an effective communication program is critical to protect an organization’s reputation. We have helped clients navigate business issues, data breaches, bankruptcies, high-profile investigations and other challenging events. We know how to proactively plan for the worst and potential avoid litigation. We can help deal with the unexpected to manage your business or reputation through crisis situations.

Litigation Communications

A smart, strategic communications plan – develop by our legal team and executed with care – helps confront misinformation, advance positive messages, and condition the environment for a favorable result. We’ve worked with clients through many contentious legal battles, including complex litigation and class action lawsuits.

Government Investigations & Hearings

Investigations and hearings can pose serious risks. Scrutiny by policymakers and government officials will bring journalists and news agencies to your door. A successful communications strategy requires intimate knowledge of how the public policy process works. We will work with clients to develop and implement strategic communications programs specific to their circumstances to support their overall objectives.